Uganda busca a supuesto terrorista alemán de Al-Shabab por atentado en 2012 en Kenia

La Informació

La Policía de Uganda advirtió hoy de la entrada en el país de un supuesto terrorista de nacionalidad alemana, Ahmed Khaled Mueller, reclamado por Kenia desde 2012 al sospechar que tenía información sobre posibles ataques del grupo radical islamista somalí Al Shabab en sus fronteras.

La alerta sobre la entrada del miembro de Al Shabab en Uganda se lanzó hoy, una semana después del final del ataque por los fundamentalistas a un centro comercial de Nairobi en el que murieron más de 70 personas.

Kenia inició la búsqueda de Mueller el pasado año al sospechar que tenía información sobre supuestos planes de la guerrilla somalí para atacar en suelo keniano.

La Policía ugandesa recibió hoy información “de fuentes muy fiables” sobre la entrada del supuesto terrorista alemán este martes en el país, fronterizo con el oeste de Kenia.

Irán aprueba una ley que autoriza a los padres a casarse con sus hijas adoptivas mayores de 13 años


UNGA-ASHTON-HASSAN ROUHANI (Photo credit: European External Action Service – EEAS)

A new law in Iran that allows men to marry their adopted daughters at the age of 13 has caused major concern that the country’s new president is not as progressive as originally thought.

Encontrado aquí.

Luego es que los demás “desacreditamos” no sé qué. O hay grupos pequeños de chalados que se entretienen en desacreditar tampoco sé bien qué…

¿Alguien nos ha visto cara de men

tecatos? Parece que sí… 👿

El atentado de Nairobi y la nueva estrategia de Al-Qaeda


La nueva estrategia de Al Qaeda pasaría por instalarse en el mismo corazón de Kenia, multiplicar sus células durmientes y actuar tanto en el país como en los territorios limítrofes cuando la ocasión fuere más propicia. Para ese trabajo de infiltración contarían con la colaboración de al menos 41 ciudadanos estadounidenses, de origen somalí en su mayor parte, que habrían sido reclutados en mezquitas de Minneapolis y New Jersey. Los investigadores del FBI intentan encontrar pruebas que demuestren la participación activa o la colaboración de sus propios compatriotas, convertidos en mujahidines en el atentado de Westgate. Sigue leyendo

Cardenal nigeriano exige a los líderes islámicos que condenen el terrorismo de Boko Haram

Catholic World News:

Following new attacks on Christians by the Boko Haram terrorist group, in Nigeria, Cardinal John Onaiyeken of Abuja has called upon Islamic leaders to speak out against the violence.

Those Muslims who agree with the Pope should not simply agree with the Pope for having said a nice thing,” the Nigerian prelate told Vatican Radio. “They should actually go out themselves and say it loud and clear to those whom they lead, because this is where we should be going.”

“Mi vida de infierno en un harén afgano”

Quien escribe esto es Phyllis Chesler. Imprescindible:

In fact, I have reason to be paranoid.

I discover that mother-in-law has instructed the servants to stop boiling my drinking water. Because the sewage system consists of open irrigation ditches that are used as public bathrooms and for drinking water, I contract dysentery.

Perhaps she thinks I am already “Afghan enough” to withstand any and all germs. Perhaps she wants me dead.

She then begins her conversion campaign. She gives me prayer rugs and prayer beads and urges me to convert to Islam.

If I don’t, I think, will she continue her campaign to sicken and kill me?

The next day she barges into my room with a servant and confiscates my precious hoard of canned goods.

“Our food isn’t good enough for her — she eats from cans,” she says.

I am her captive, her prisoner; she, my jailer, might treat me more decently if I find ways to please her. This is difficult for me to write about but I did it. I repeat the words: “There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed was his prophet.”

I am now a Muslim — at least in my mother-in-law’s eyes — but that still isn’t enough for her. When she is angry at me, she spits at me. She calls me “Yahud” or “Jew.” When I complain to my husband, he dismisses me as being dramatic.

I must escape. Sigue leyendo

Jefe talibán se atribuye el asesinato de un general paquistaní

It is Maulana Fazlullah from swat Pakistan.

It is Maulana Fazlullah from swat Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mullah Fazlullah, a senior leader in the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, has claimed credit for the assassination of a senior Pakistani Army general in a roadside bombing in the northwestern district of Dir last month. Fazlullah appeared in an official Taliban video, which also showed footage of the attack on the general’s vehicle.

The videotape was released on Sept. 29 on the Facebook page of Umar Media, the official propaganda arm of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group. The video features an interview with Fazlullah and details the Sept. 15 IED attack that killed Major General Sanaullah Niazi, the commander of Pakistani Army troops in Swat, along with a lieutenant colonel who commanded the 33 Baloch Regiment, and a soldier. The Long War Journal noted on the day of the attack that Fazlullah had very likely orchestrated it.


Fazlullah, who is also known as Mullah Radio for his radical sermons broadcast throughout the northwest, ranks among the top leaders of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. He has vowed to continue the fight to regain control of Swat and the surrounding districts. He is one of the most extreme commanders in a group filled with extremists. He was one of the first leaders to have opposed polio vaccinations. Last year, he proudly ordered the assassination of Malala Yousufzai, the young schoolgirl who passionately spoke out against the Taliban in Swat, and accused her of violating sharia, or Islamic law.

Fazlullah is also closely tied to al Qaeda. When he openly ruled Swat from 2007 to 2009, he said al Qaeda fighters were welcome there and that training camps were in operation. One of his top deputies, Ibn Amin, also served as a leader of one of six known brigades in al Qaeda’s Lashkar-al-Zil, or Shadow Army. Amin was killed in a US drone strike in Khyber in December 2007.


Dos Generales americanos, obligados a retirarse por su actuación en Afganistán

English: General James F. Amos, USMC 35th Comm...

English: General James F. Amos, USMC 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 In a rare move, the Commandant of the Marine Corps has recommended that two senior Marine generals retire because of their failure to adequately protect a large base in southern Afghanistan from a Taliban attack last September in which two Marines were killed and six Marine jets were destroyed.

Eight other Marines and eight British troops were also injured in the attack.

The recommendation from Gen. James Amos that two Marine generals responsible for the base retire in effect means they are being fired.

According to a Marine Corps press release, Amos decided on the course of action after reviewing a four-month investigation conducted by U.S. Central Command into the Sept. 14, 2012 attack.

Under the cover of darkness, 15 Taliban fighters dressed in U.S. Army uniforms cut a hole into the perimeter fence of Camp Bastion, the sprawling joint U.S.-British base located in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The Taliban fighters then snuck onto the base’s flight-line, where they began to destroy Marine aircraft housed at the base, eventually destroying six Marine Harrier fighter jets and severely damaging two others. It was the largest loss of U.S. aircraft in the entire war in Afghanistan.

The two officers Amos is holding accountable for the attack are Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus, the top Marine commander in Afghanistan at the time of the attack, and Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant, who headed Marine aviation units there.