Milicias islámicas atacan otra ciudad cristiana en Siria

English: City of Saidnaya seen from the conven...

English: City of Saidnaya seen from the convent of Our Lady of Saidnaya, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Weeks after jihadist Syrian rebels attacked the Christian village of Ma’loula, Islamist militias have attacked the historic Syrian Christian town of Saidnaya, according to a Fides news agency report.

“This is banditry, but it is also a vendetta against Christians,” said a religious-order priest. “They are targeted attacks that have the effect of creating confusion and fear among civilians.”

Encontradas granadas en una Catedral católica en la República Centroafricana


Flag ~ Central African Republic

Flag ~ Central African Republic (Photo credit: e r j k p r u n c z y k)


Two grenades were discovered at the cathedral in Bossangoa, a city of nearly 40,000 in the Central African Republic, the Fides news agency reported.

Members of Seleka, an Islamist rebel movement, seized power in the nation in March, and Christian institutions have suffered numerous attacks.

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“The funding sources are worrisome. They are the same ones that funded the rebellions from Libya to Tunisia to Mali,” Territorial Administration Minister Jose Binoua said, implying that other countries like Chad are involved.

Some observers believe that even if the rebellion is mostly made up of former Central African rebels, it also includes “former members of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA), as well as Chadian, Sudanese and Nigerian mercenaries” — claims the rebels deny.

According to Marchal, “given the rebellion’s origins in the north, we can assume there are many Muslims in their ranks.”

Atacada la oficina del Patriarca Melkita Católico Griego en Alepo

Catholic Culture:

“There are no victims only because the shots were fired at night,” Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart told the Fides news agency. “The city is strangled and the situation is worsening day by day. As citizens we feel trapped, and do not know what our fate will be. We have a short supply of goods.”

81 muertos en una iglesia en Peshawar tras un atentado suicida

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Fort of Bala Hisar, Peshawar, Pakistan

Fort of Bala Hisar, Peshawar, Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A suicide bombing attack on an Anglican church in Pakistan has left several dozen dead, according to multiple media reports.

The attack took place in Peshawar, a city of 3.6 million in northern Pakistan. According to CNN, the death toll has reached 81.

“All Saints’ Church, Inside Kohati Gate, Peshawar, Pakistan became a target of terrorism today,” said a statement on the local Anglican diocese’s website. “As the Sunday service ended and the people came out of the church, two suicide bombers entered the church compound from the main gate and blew themselves up in the midst of the people.”

“Today, in Pakistan, because of a wrong choice, a decision of hatred, of war, there was an attack in which over 70 people died,” Pope Francis said. “This choice cannot stand. It serves nothing. Only the path of peace can build a better world.”

El ataque, además, dejó 110 heridos.

Los atentados se han producido con una diferencia de treinta segundos. Los dos terroristas, armados cada uno con seis kilos de explosivos–según las últimas informaciones policiales– se aproximaron a la iglesia cuando los más de 500 feligreses congregados abandonaban el culto. «El ataque tuvo lugar al término de la misa», indicó el jefe de Policía Mohammad Ali Babakhel al diario ‘Dawn’. Sigue leyendo

Dos coptos asesinados en Egipto por no querer pagar la jizya

Lo leo en BlogCopte. Al parecer se lo estaba demandando un “criminal de la ciudad” de Sahel Selim en la provincia de Assiout.

Deux fonctionnaires coptes ont été tués hier pour avoir refusé de payer jizya , l’impôt de capitation musulmans contre les chrétiens. Emad Damian, 50 ans, et son cousin Medhat Damian, 37 ans, originaire du village de Sahel Selim dans la province d’Assiout, ont été contactés deux jours avant leur assasinat par le chef d’un gang musulman, qui a été identifié par le journal Watany, Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed Khalajah, un criminel du village.

Selon son frère le Dr Samy Damian Emad, Emad a été contacté environ à 21h30 par un membre de la bande, qui a exigé 10,000 livres égyptiennes afin qu’il puisse acheter des armes. « Mon frère a dit qu’il n’avait aucun problème avec qui que ce soit, ne demandant rien à personne, et n’ayant pas d’argent. »

“4 de cada 10 feligreses han huído del país debido a la guerra”

Esto es lo que ha declarado un Pastor protestante de Damasco. Los números se cuantifican desde que comenzó la guerra hace dos años y medio:

Pastor Edward from Damascus paints a sad picture of the situation in the Syrian capital.

“The situation is very grim,” he says. “There is deep sadness and much stress and anxiety.”

According to the pastor, approximately 40 percent of the members of his church have left the country since the civil war in Syria started 2 1/2 years ago.

Imagine if 4 of every 10 members of your church left in such a short period—a major loss for every congregation. That is the reality churche

s in Syria now face, as the example from Damascus shows. People that have financial means and contacts abroad often leave the war-torn country.

Pastor Edward knows that in his church, some members still are waiting for the opportunity to leave Syria. “They are still trying to find a place to go,” he says.

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En Nigeria, los islamistas matan a una familia entera, incluido un niño de 7 años

English: Fulani woman with traditional nose ri...

English: Fulani woman with traditional nose ring and mouth tattoo Français : Femme peul du Mali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sólo se salvó el hijo de 20 años que no estaba en ese momento en casa:

Muslim, ethnic Fulani herdsmen shot five members of a Christian family to death last week, including a 7-year-old boy, and killed another Christian as they fled, relatives said.

Alleged cattle theft may have been the pretext for targeting the predominantly Christian agrarian community, but the gunmen struck the family of 50-year-old Dung Peter only because his home on the eastern edge of Kunte-Kuru village, outside of Jos, was the most accessible for the guerrilla-style attack, they said.

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