Se descubren 142 cadáveres en Nigeria, posiblemente asesinados por Boko Haram

Boko Haram

Boko Haram (Photo credit: AK Rockefeller)

Esta noticia es de hace unos días, pero merece la pena bloguear sobre ella:

At least 142 corpses were found in a northeastern Nigerian town after an attack by suspected members of the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, local officials said.

“Yesterday alone 87 corpses were evacuated from the road and bushes,” Saidu Yakubu, a spokesman for the Borno State Environmental Protection Agency, said yesterday in a statement handed to reporters in Benisheik town.

Suspected militants dressed in military uniforms attacked the town on Sept. 17, burning at least 100 houses and shops in the raid, according to Garba Ngamdu, the head of labor affairs in the Borno state government. The raid followed a Sept. 7 attack on the town that left 11 civilians dead, according to local residents.

Jakarta acogerá el 18 de septiembre el concurso “Miss Mundo Musulmán 2013”

Miss Muslim World or ‘Miss Muslimah World 2013’ in the local language will instead be held in South Jakarta on 18 September with the participation of 20 ‘beauty queens’ from six Muslim nations, namely Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

One of Indonesian organisers of the event, Eka Shanty, said that beauty would not be the “primary factor” or sole yardstick. The focus will be on the three ‘S’, she said, namely sholehah (good morals), smart and style, but undoubtedly participants will be “beautiful as well.”

Organising committee told participants that they must wear “Islamic style” clothing that reflect “the colours of the Muslim world.”

The Committee also confirmed that “in-depth meetings” were held before the competition with experts and Islamic scholars to discuss clothing and other items that relate to Muslim traditions.

Por supuesto, mientras se oponen por inmoral al concurso de Miss Universo, a pesar de haber cancelado la prueba de traje de baño…

Un padre que forzó a su hija a casarse en Yemen habla en contra de los matrimonios forzados

nadimAdemás, Nadim (en la foto, cortesía de HRW) ha confesado que casó a sus dos hijas, amenazándolas con matarlas, para pagar sus deudas:

A FATHER has become the face of a push to cut down the horrific practice of forcing young girls into marriage – now admitting that making his 12-year-old wed against her will to pay his debts was a mistake.

The man features in a confronting new campaign highlighting the horrors of the custom in Yemen – horrors that include death, horrendous injury and brutal loss of innocence as girls are pushed into sex and childbirth before their young bodies are ready.

“I’d advise any father, mother or brother not to rush to marry their girls like I did because that is ignorant,” the dad, identified as Nadim, laments in an interview with Human Rights Watch.

Nadim details how he forced his daughter, named in the video as Laila, to marry against her will when she was just 12 – admitting he used threats of violence to make it happen.

“I forced her (Laila) and she cried, even at the wedding party. I warned her ‘If you don’t get married I will kill you.’ I really threatened her.”

Encontrado aquí.

Los “ultraconservadores” británicos presentan un Proyecto de Ley para prohibir el velo integral

English: Women of London

English: Women of London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Copiando la legislación francesa, una proposición de Ley que tiene por objeto prohibir el burqa en lugares públicos está tramitándose ante el Parlamento británico. Un proyecto de Ley presentado por el ala más radical del partido conservador.

(…) Totalmente opuesta al texto, la asociación británica National Secular Society (NSS) se inquieta por lo que considera ataques a las libertades de expresión y religión”.

Mientras el Birmingham Metropolitan College ha prohibido a los estudiantes llevar velos religiosos que cubran ojos, nariz y boca por “razones de seguridad“: se quiere que todo estudiante pueda ser identificado en todo momento.

Novia de 8 años en Yemen fallece por las heridas internas producidas durante la noche de bodas

El novio tenía 5 veces más edad. Daily Mail:

An eight-year-old child bride has died in Yemen of internal bleeding sustained during her wedding night after being forced to marry a man five times her age, activists have claimed.

The girl, identified only as Rawan, died in the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia.

Activists are now calling for the groom, who is believed to be around 40 years old, and her family to be arrested so they can face justice in the courts.

Se incrementa la violencia doméstica en Gaza


016 (Photo credit: tatadbb)


Some 37% of married women in the Palestinian territories have been subjected to domestic violence by their husbands. Of these, 51% live in Gaza according to a 2012 study by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. Speaking in hushed tones for fear that passersby might hear, Ibtissam recounted her story.

“My husband did not like what I cooked for dinner, so he punched me in the face, injuring my eye. I often get severely beaten for trivial reasons. I am cruelly insulted, but cannot find anyone to listen to my plight or help me overcome my predicament.”

Despite the hoarseness evident in Ibtissam’s voice as she spoke, her uncovered eye remained dry, as if turned to stone in its socket. Trying to remain calm, she continued speaking.

No one cares about me, and this increased the frequency of my husband’s physical assaults and verbal insults. He even allows his mother and sisters to hit me during familial disagreements.”

The young woman explained that two things had prevented her from talking about her ordeal: first, her family did not care about what she was being subjected to, and second, fear of the death threats by her husband if she dared to talk. She even told the doctor who treated her eye that she had “fell off a ladder.”

Los talibanes paquistaníes ponen otra bomba en un colegio femenino

At least 16 people, mostly schoolchildren, were wounded in a powerful bomb blast in Pakistan’s troubled northwestern region on Thursday.

The explosion took place near the Government Girls Primary School No 1 in a crowded market in the Bannu district of the restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which borders lawless tribal regions.

Police suspected Taliban militants of being behind the bomb, which was planted beneath a sewerage line and exploded a few minutes after children walked out of the school.

Of the 16 victims brought to District Hospital, 12 were schoolchildren, mostly girls, according to medics. Seven people have been discharged while nine children remain hospitalized.