Jefe talibán se atribuye el asesinato de un general paquistaní

It is Maulana Fazlullah from swat Pakistan.

It is Maulana Fazlullah from swat Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mullah Fazlullah, a senior leader in the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, has claimed credit for the assassination of a senior Pakistani Army general in a roadside bombing in the northwestern district of Dir last month. Fazlullah appeared in an official Taliban video, which also showed footage of the attack on the general’s vehicle.

The videotape was released on Sept. 29 on the Facebook page of Umar Media, the official propaganda arm of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group. The video features an interview with Fazlullah and details the Sept. 15 IED attack that killed Major General Sanaullah Niazi, the commander of Pakistani Army troops in Swat, along with a lieutenant colonel who commanded the 33 Baloch Regiment, and a soldier. The Long War Journal noted on the day of the attack that Fazlullah had very likely orchestrated it.


Fazlullah, who is also known as Mullah Radio for his radical sermons broadcast throughout the northwest, ranks among the top leaders of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. He has vowed to continue the fight to regain control of Swat and the surrounding districts. He is one of the most extreme commanders in a group filled with extremists. He was one of the first leaders to have opposed polio vaccinations. Last year, he proudly ordered the assassination of Malala Yousufzai, the young schoolgirl who passionately spoke out against the Taliban in Swat, and accused her of violating sharia, or Islamic law.

Fazlullah is also closely tied to al Qaeda. When he openly ruled Swat from 2007 to 2009, he said al Qaeda fighters were welcome there and that training camps were in operation. One of his top deputies, Ibn Amin, also served as a leader of one of six known brigades in al Qaeda’s Lashkar-al-Zil, or Shadow Army. Amin was killed in a US drone strike in Khyber in December 2007.


Político cristiano paquistaní denuncia extorsión de grupo talibán

Flag of Taliban

Flag of Taliban (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A former Christian lawmaker is seeking protection after claiming he is being subjected to extortion threats from a banned militant organization in Karachi.

Javed Michael, a former Sindh assembly member and provincial minister, said he has been receiving telephone calls from suspected members of the prohibited Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) demanding money.

“They have told me to pay PKR2 million [US$19, 000] immediately. I have told them that I can’t afford that much money,” Michael said.

“I have received about 70 calls in just four days. They have threatened to bomb my house and kidnap my children if I don’t pay.”

Malala, Premio Nobel de la Paz infantil

El 9 de octubre de 2012, milicianos de Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) abrieron fuego de forma indiscriminada contra el coche en el queMalala y otras dos niñas se dirigían a su escuela de la localidad de Mingora. Las tres resultaron heridas, pero Malala gravemente, por lo que tuvo que ser trasladada a Reino Unido para ser intervenida quirúrgicamente.

Los talibán paquistaníes explicaron que el ataque obedecía al activismo de Malala, que había adquirido notoriedad por defender la educación femenina en un blog de la BBC. Además, amenazaron con que volverían a intentar matarla. Malala ha pasado cinco meses recuperándose en el Hospital Reina Isabel de Birmingham. En marzo reanudó las clases en esta localidad británica, donde ha decidido instalarse definitivamente con su familia.

Los talibanes paquistaníes amenazan a las mujeres que vayan a votar

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

En plan mafioso, además, han dicho que han “advertido a la gente”, así que ya han cumplido con todas sus obligaciones y ahora que todo el mundo se atenga a sus consecuencias. Sólo les falta decir que si alguien muere de un bombazo será “un accidente”… 👿

The Pakistani Taliban has said it will kidnap and slaughter women who vote in today’s by-election in restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, declaring the polls un-Islamic.

Pamphlets distributed by the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Hangu in the northern tribal area of the country also threaten bomb attacks on polling booths.

“Democracy is un-Islamic. We convey this to all Muslims in Hangu town that anyone who enters polling stations would be killed,” the pamphlets read. “We have fulfilled our obligation by issuing a warning and now it is your responsibility to save your life.”

El juicio de Irfan Khan e hijos por mandar dinero a los taliban

A U.S. federal judge has denied bail for the son of a Florida imam arrested on charges of financing and supporting the Pakistani Taliban.

U.S. prosecutors have charged Irfan Khan, 37, along with his father and brother, who is also an imam at another Florida mosque, with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.

The three Pakistani-born U.S. citizens were arrested in May and are among six people indicted on charges they conspired to transfer about $50,000 and provide other support for the Pakistani Taliban, which the U.S. government considers a terrorist organization.

via Accused Pakistan Taliban backer denied bail in Miami | Reuters.

El abogado del padre quiere saber la identidad del informante que ayudó a capturarle llevándole a reuniones y asistiéndole en negociaciones con el Gobierno como Medicare. Dice que su identidad es fundamental para defender a su cliente.

Los fiscales dicen que mandaron más de 50.000 dólares a los taliban.