Fatwa dice que hombres y mujeres sólo pueden hablar en las redes sociales si están buscando pareja para casarse

Redes Sociales

Redes Sociales (Photo credit: nscap)


The Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council on Tuesday issued a Fatwa decreeing that men and women should only talk on social network sites if they are seeking a partner for marriage.

The Fatwa Council listed a number of restrictions that men and women must comply with while talking on social network sites, according to a statement.

The main purpose of the conversation should be marriage through legal ways, and it shouldn’t have any other goals which could mark a violation of Sharia law. Any personal details, which could arouse lust, must not be addressed during the conversation.

Siempre pensando mal. Toda relación entre hombre y mujer tiene que venir determinada por la lujuria. 🙄 Qué cansinos.

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En Pakistán, los cristianos de una ciudad huyen después de que su pastor fuera acusado de blasfemia

So there.

So there. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

El pastor está acusado de decir que Mahoma fue un hombre brutal que mató a personas inocentes. Christian Today (encontrado aquí):

Dozens of Christian families have fled from their homes in a village near Lahore after a pastor was accused of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad.

In a discussion with a Muslim man on August 24, Pastor Sattar Masih, 37, was accused of saying that Muhammad was a brutal man who killed innocent people.

Masih denies the accusations, saying he said nothing derogatory about Islam or the Prophet.

The pastor was beckoned before Islamic clerics to plead his case. “The clerics will decide if he blasphemed against our Prophet and in case he refused to appear before the clerics then we will kill him,” said his accuser, 18-year-old Ali Hassan.

Fearing he would not be given a fair trial, Masih fled to Lahore with 21-year-old Christian Wasim Raza, who had introduced Hassan to the pastor, after a group of Muslims had undertaken a house-to-house search for them.

En Siria, jihadistas alemanes intentan limpiar de cristianos diversos pueblos

English: Biserica greco-catolica din Siria

English: Biserica greco-catolica din Siria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

En Siria, los cristianos son perseguidos y asesinados. Según las informaciones de FOCUS, islamistas venidos de Alemania participan igualmente en limpiezas étnicas muy brutales. Alrededor de 100 conversos alemanes al Islam combaten en el país ya destruido por la guerra civil. Una milicia islamista radical, en la que los alemanes conversos y los alemanes de origen inmigrante se han enrolado, es responsable de los ataques contra villas cristianos en las cercanías de la frontera siro-turca el 6 de agosto. Según una información de FOCUS, dos agencias de prensa occidentales han llegado a esta conclusión. En un reciente vídeo jihadista de propaganda, el elogio de la depuración religiosa de las villas cristianas se declama en lengua alemana. Muchas personas han sido asesinadas en el ataque. El vídeo muestra también cómo los combatientes islamistas profanan los cadáveres de los soldados sirios muertos con patadas en la cabeza. Un centenar de islamistas alemanes están actualmente en Siria. Según FOCUS, el cantante de rap de Berlín Denis Cuspert, alias Deso Dogg, alias Abu Malik, se ha unido al Frente Al-Nusra, particularmente extremista.

Bangladesh acusa a cuatro blogueros de insultos al Islam

Los blogueros, que se confesaron no culpables, pueden ser condenados hasta a 14 años de cárcel. FOX29:

A court in Bangladesh‘s capital has indicted four bloggers for their allegedly inflammatory writings about Islam and its Prophet Muhammad.

Metropolitan Sessions Court Judge Zahurul Haque said Sunday that he accepted the police charges in two separate cases, the first to be tried under Bangladesh’s recently amended Information and Communication Technology Act.

The opening of the trial was set for Nov. 6. If convicted, the bloggers, who pleaded not guilty, could face up to 14 years in jail.

The accused — Moshiur Rahman Biplob, Subrata Odhikary Shuvo, Russel Parvez and Asif Mohiuddin — are currently free on bail after spending up to three months in jail.

New York-based Human Rights Watch earlier condemned the arrests, while the Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam has vigorously campaigned for the bloggers to be prosecuted.

Al-Qaeda anuncia que se vengará de los cristianos si triunfa la revolución en Siria

English: Door in the Saint Thecla (Mar Takla) ...

English: Door in the Saint Thecla (Mar Takla) monastery, Ma’loula, Syria Français : Porte dans le monastère de Sainte-Thècle (Mar Takla), Maaloula, Syrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While U.S. leaders continue pushing for war against the Syrian government, today “Al-Qaeda-linked rebels,”reports AP, “launched an assault on a regime-held Christian mountain village in the densely populated west of Syria and new clashes erupted near the capital, Damascus, on Wednesday…  In the attack on the village of Maaloula, rebels commandeered a mountaintop hotel and nearby caves and shelled the community below, said a nun, speaking by phone from a convent in the village. She spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.”

Arabic news agency Al Hadath gives more information concerning this latest terror attack on Syria’s Christians, specifically how the al-Qaeda linked rebels “terrorized the Christians, threatening to be avenged on them after the triumph of the revolution.”

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Al-Qaradawi también quiere que se intervenga en Siria

English: Yusuf Al Qardawi at the Third Annual ...

English: Yusuf Al Qardawi at the Third Annual Doha Educational Conference in Doha in February 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Por supuesto, no lo dijo textualmente. Simplemente dijo “Dios prepara a aquellos que tomarán venganza por los muertos”.

A prominent Sunni Muslim cleric offered tacit support yesterday for any Western strike on Syria, suggesting foreign powers were God’s instrument for vengeance.

‘We wish we were able to take revenge for our brothers who have been killed … in their hundreds, but God prepares those who would take revenge for them,’ Egyptian-born Sheikh Youssef Al Qaradawi said in his weekly sermon from Doha, where he lives.

‘We ask God to punish them for what they have done. They deserve what is happening to them,’ Qaradawi said, referring to Bashar Al Assad’s forces, in a sermon broadcast on Qatar state television.

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Una iglesia abre sus puertas a los musulmanes para que celebren el Ramadán


English: A Muslim raises his hands in Takbir, ...

English: A Muslim raises his hands in Takbir, marking the beginning of his prayers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morocco World News:

According to radio Sawa, Muslim immigrants are performing Taraweeh prayers, a set of prayers performed collectively by Muslims after Isha prayer, (5th prayer) during Ramadan in a church in the city of York, USA.

On the occasion of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fast, the church of the city Burke, a small town north Virginia, opened its chapel for Muslims to pray Taraweeh.

In an act of tolerance and mutual respect, the church administration removed pews from the chapel to accommodate Islamic prayers.

Members of the Muslim community expressed their great appreciation for the initiative, and church leaders consider this initiative a letter of peace, tolerance, coexistence and respect for the world’s religions.