Marruecos: converso al cristianismo condenado a prisión por “comprometer la fe de un musulmán”

English: Meknes, Morocco Français : Meknès, Maroc

English: Meknes, Morocco Français : Meknès, Maroc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traducción: Como iba a encuentros cristianos, tenía biblias en su poder y tenía amistad con dos cristianos americanos que le habían dado materiales cristianos, estaba comprometiendo la fe de los musulmanes. Incluso su madre ha pedido a Alá que tome venganza de quien haya jugado con la mente de su hijo. Worthy News:

 “A Moroccan Christian has been fined and jailed for ‘shaking the faith of a Muslim.’

Spreading Christianity is prohibited under Article 220 of the Moroccan Penal Code; the maximum sentence for this offense is three to six months’ imprisonment, but in a September hearing, Mohamed el Baldi was convicted and sentenced to two and a half years!

Baldi was arrested after his house was raided on August 28 and all his religious belongings were confiscated, according to World Watch Monitor.

Baldi, who converted to Christianity almost seven years ago, confessed that he attended Christian meetings in the towns of Meknes and Rabat.

During his hearing, Baldi’s mother was said to have asked Allah to exact revenge on whoever tampered with her son’s mind.

Having a population more than 99 percent Muslim, Morocco is ranked 39th on the Open Doors International World Watch List of countries where practicing Christianity is the most difficult.”


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