El presidente del No a la Guerra no tiene dinero para ir a la guerra


La paradoja es que él mismo redujo el gasto público destinado al ejército (ya se sabe, those warmongering military types can’t have so many funds wasted on wars all over the world… :mrgreen: ):

Regrettably, for Mr. Go-It-Alone, two days before attempting to spank Syria’s president for using chemical weapons no one is really sure he even used, someone had to tap Barack Obama on the shoulder and interrupt his bravado mid-speech to inform him that, thanks to him, there’s not enough money in the military operating funds to finance his planned show of force.

The only thing funnier than Obama cutting funds and then being short on cash to finance his own war is public schools across America dropping Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch program and saying it tastes like “vomit.”

Barack Obama’s contempt for the military and “I’ll show them” attitude has come around to bite him on his puffed-up derriere. In turn, as if it were even possible, Obama’s cluelessness has managed to set him up for wider global ridicule. This is political slapstick at its finest.

As a result, Vladimir Putin can be heard laughing even louder than he was after the G-8 summit. And why shouldn’t he?  After trying to form a coalition, subjecting British ally David Cameron to a humiliating defeat with his own Parliament, Barry finds out he doesn’t have enough money to finish a fight he picked?

😈 😆

De modo que además de contar los aliados, el Obamamesías debió también contar los fondos de que disponía para ir a la guerra, porque, de hecho, parece que es el único límite que reconoce:

Obama declares himself unconstrained by the neither Constitution (which reserves war-making power to the Congress) nor the Charter of the United Nations (which reserves war-making power to the U.N. Security Council. Nor is Obama constrained by law (the War Powers Act requiring the President to give notice to the Congress of a war and requiring the Congress to give its explicit consent within 60 days or else requiring the President to extricate us from the war). The only remaining constraint, it appears, is Congress’ power of the purse. The Constitutional approach to war-making would require, for the initiation of the use of force, both a U.N. Security Council resolution and Congressional authorization; although, in terms of wars involving self- and mutual-defense, Congressional authorization is sufficient whether prior to or, under the War Powers Act, within 60 days of a Presidential notification.

(Sí, es cierto, cada día se parece más a ZP: de hecho, Siria ya se está riendo del líder cósmico por su no-ataque. La tierra pertenece al viento… 🙄 ).


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